TREX School on QMC with TurboRVB - Posters

Poster title Author Poster/Abstract

Computational Analysis and Design of Novel Materials for Rechargeable Batteries: Lithium-ion and Sodium-ion batteries

Gamachis Gurmesa
Superconductivity and Orbital Selectivity in a three-orbital Hubbard model for the iron pnictides: interplay of correlation and band structure Vito Marino Download  
A Jastrow wave function for the spin-1 Heisenberg chain: string order revealed by the mapping to the classical Coulomb gas Davide Piccioni Download  

Bicolor loop models and their long range entanglement

Zhao Zhang Download  
Structural, Elastic, Electronic, Magnetic and Thermoelectric Characteristics of MgEu2X4 (X= S, Se) Spinels Said Azar Download  
A Theoretical Study of Curcumin Adsorption on Linear and Coiled Carbon Nanotubes Lina Linda  Bechohra Download  
Path Integration, Lexicographic Symmetrization, and Derivative-Free Energy Estimation Within the Stochastic Representation of Wavefunctions Liam Bernheimer Download  

Hydrogen bond symmetrization in high pressure ice

Marco Cherubini Download  
Hydrogen Equation of State at planetary conditions through Variational Quantum Monte Carlo Cesare Cozza Download  
Advancements in Ternary Hydrides: Predictive Modeling of Y-Th-H System for High-Tc Superconductivity Abdul Ghaffar Download  
Colossal band gap response of single-layer phosphorene to strain predicted by Quantum Monte Carlo Yongda Huang Download  

(ZnO)42 nanocluster: A novel visibly active magic quantum dot under first principle investigation

Bijal Mehta Download  
Machine learning quantum Monte Carlo: application to water clusters Matteo Peria Download  
Bromine transfer to a Cu complex to activate an ARGET ATRP reaction Stefano Vaghi Download  


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