TREX Demonstrators

TREX: the European Center of Excellence in Exascale Computing


In a few years, we will have in Europe the first generation of exascale machines. To harness this huge computational power, new software strategies need to be devised and this requires a significant, joint effort of domain scientists and computational experts. To this aim, the European Commission funds targeted Centers of Excellence, each to empower a specific scientific community. TREX has been awarded Center of Excellence for the community of quantum chemistry. TREX federates European scientists, High Performance Computing stakeholders, and SMEs to develop and apply high-performance software solutions for quantum mechanical simulations at the exascale.


TREX QMC Workshop Post Event Report

15 Jul 22

TREX QMC Workshop Post Event Report

The QMC Hands-on Summer Workshop saw 21 Phd and Masters students from Europe and beyond get unique insight into the world of QMC and meet some of the world’s…
Psi-k 2022

22 Aug 22 - 25 Aug 22

Psi-k 2022 Conference

Psi-k 2022 will be the 6th general conference for the worldwide Psi-k community, following very successful events held in San Sebastián (2015), Berlin (2010), and Schwäbisch Gmünd (2005, 2000, 1996), taking place in Lausanne during August 22-25, 2022. The conference program will be structured around 3.5 days, which will include 6 plenary talks as well as 38 symposia in 6 parallel sessions (115 invited talks and ~250 contributed talks), and a MAD evening.