Inspiring Excellence: Celebrating the Achievements of TREX School QMC TurboRVB 2023 Poster Winners

At TREX School QMC TurboRVB 2023, a showcase of innovation, dedication, and expertise unfolded as participants engaged in a dynamic exploration of quantum materials and computation. The event not only served as a platform for learning but also celebrated the talents of those who exhibited their groundbreaking research through the poster competition.

One of the highlights of the event was the poster presentation session with over 20 participants from across Europe and beyond that captured the essence of quantum materials and computation. The poster competition brought together a diverse range of perspectives, each contributing to the broader conversation surrounding the field's advancement.

Here are some of the testimonials coming from the participants.

The TREX school was a fantastic opportunity for me to gain insights into the practical applications of QMC methods and understand the specific needs of software users. The rigorous theoretical review offered valuable perspectives that are often overlooked. Moreover, the team's evident dedication to carrying forward Sorella's legacy was truly inspiring.

Attending the TREX School on QMC with TurboRVB 2023 at SISSA proved to be an enriching and enlightening experience. This exceptional opportunity allowed for valuable learning and meaningful exchanges with individuals from various backgrounds, united by a shared goal of advancing their understanding of the theory and practical implementation of the high-accuracy QMC method.

I found the TREX Quantum Monte Carlo School about TurboRVB extremely interesting: I consider it a privilege to have the possibility to learn how to use the code while being helped by tutors who are expert users of TurboRVB. Now that it has been officially released, the code can be used as a powerful tool in everyday research activities. At last, the school allowed me to meet many young researchers, whom I am looking forward to meeting again in the future.

Meet the Poster Winners

Let's take a closer look at some of the standout poster winners whose work contributed to the success of the TREX School QMC TurboRVB 2023:


Liam Bernheimer, Tel Aviv University/Israel: Through his poster titled “Path Integration, Lexicographic Symmetrization, and Derivative-Free Energy Estimation Within the Stochastic Representation of Wavefunctions”, Liam employed machine learning and stochastic wavefunction representation for efficient quantum ground state description. Overcoming stability and symmetry challenges, it sheds light on particle statistics, density, and interactions in fermions and bosons.


Abdul Ghaffar, JAIST/Japan: The poster titled “Advancements in Ternary Hydrides: Predictive Modeling of Y-Th-H System for High-Tc Superconductivity” by Abdul underscored the promise of ternary hydrides for high-Tc superconductivity and their potential in advanced systems.


Davide Piccioni, SISSA/Italy: With his poster “A Jastrow wave function for the spin-1 Heisenberg chain: string order revealed by the mapping to the classical Coulomb gas”, Davide introduced a straightforward method (Jastrow ansatz) to describe the Spin-1 Heisenberg chain's properties and topological features. It also uncovers a similar pattern in a classical system, shedding light on its phase diagram.

A Gateway to the Future

TREX School QMC TurboRVB 2023 not only gave a chance to the attendees to present their work but also served as a gateway to the future possibilities that quantum materials and computation hold. The poster winners embody the spirit of exploration and innovation that drives the TREX community forward.

The poster session and the TurboRVB school embody the TREX project's mission to cultivate a rich and enduring learning legacy. These initiatives not only disseminate knowledge but also nurture curiosity, encourage collaboration, and enhance a new generation of computational scientists to explore the HPC world.

You can check out all the posters presented at the TREX School QMC TurboRVB 2023 in the dedicated poster page section.