Successful Workshop on Quantum Monte Carlo with LUMI and TREX CoE

Successful Workshop on Quantum Monte Carlo with LUMI and TREX CoE: Paving the Way for Future Collaborative Efforts

01 March 2023

The TREX Center of Excellence (CoE) and EuroCC National Competence Center Sweden (ENCCS) successfully co-organised a workshop titled "Targeting Chemical Accuracy with Quantum Monte Carlo on LUMI" from January 26-31, 2023.

The workshop provided Ph.D. students and young researchers an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in QMC methods. Participants were given practical experience with QMC simulations based on Quantum Package and CHAMP codes and an introduction to LUMI, the fastest and most energy-efficient supercomputer in Europe.
The workshop was structured to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge, with sessions dedicated to lectures and hands-on experience with QMC simulations. The workshop received a positive response from the participants, who appreciated the combination of lectures and practical sessions.

The organisers expressed their gratitude to CSC and LUMI, as well as their ENCCS collaborators, for their contributions to the success of the workshop. The workshop is expected to pave the way for more collaborative efforts with TREX and other Centers of Excellence in the future, utilising LUMI and other EuroHPC JU systems.

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