Building Quantum Monte Carlo and High-Performance Simulations: Insights from the TREX Symposium

TREX Symposium Report
22 May 2024

In the realms of high-performance computing (HPC), quantum chemistry, and materials science, the TREX Centre of Excellence in Exascale Computing stands as a beacon of innovation. In February 2024, TREX organised its final Symposium, held from 5th to 9th of February 2024, in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg.

Over five inspiring days, the symposium brought together a diverse group of participants, from seasoned researchers to promising PhD students, representing the forefront of Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) technology from across Europe and overseas. They converged to celebrate the project’s achievements and discuss ongoing challenges and the latest developments in QMC methods, particularly in relation to HPC.

TREX has not only pushed the boundaries of computational capabilities but also fostered a synergistic ecosystem where researchers, developers, and experts converge to redefine the possibilities of QMC technologies. The project’s final event reflected a collective ambition to bridge the gap between theoretical potential and practical application, ensuring that the tools developed are not only powerful but also accessible to a broader scientific community.

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