TREX Hackathon II with TREX event at UVSQ

TREX Hackathon II
28 - 04 Feb - Mar

TREX Hackathon II with TREX event at Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ)

Hackathon II and TREX Event at premises of Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ), France from Monday 28th of February to Friday 4th of March. The Hackathon is scheduled from Monday till Wednesday, see agenda below.

Learn more about the TREX Hackathon from the interview of William Jalby, Professor at UVSQ

The consecutive TREX event is scheduled from Wednesday till Thursday. Optional: we could anticipate an extra day for collaborations on Friday if wanted.


Day Date Topic
Day 1 28 February 2022 Hackathon II for Code Developers
Day 2 01 March 2022 Hackathon II for Code Developers
Day 3 02 March 2022 TREX Event + Hackathon II Summary
Day 4 03 March 2022 TREX Event
Day 5 04 March 2022 *Optional – Collaboration sessions



Code Modularization and interfacing - Work Package 2


WP2 TREXIO and GammCor


WP2 TREXIO Interfacing

WP2 Way forward in quantum Monte Carlo: algorithms and applications

Engineering solutions for exascale - Work Package 3



WP3 Advocate

WP3 Recent HPC Evolution

SiPearl on HPC

WP3 TREX Workshop

Workflows for HTC and HPDA solutiosn  Work Package 4


WP4 Optimization of large CIwave functions in QMC

WP4 Cloud HPC

WP4 Bishoff

WP4 Machine Learning the protonated water hexamerfrom Quantum Monte Carlo

WP4 Exascale algorithms

Demonstrations - Work Package 5


WP5 Many-body quantum Monte Carlo study of 2d Material

WP5 Van der Waals systems

WP5 Demonstrators

Training and user uptake - Work Package 6


WP6 Overview Events, Outreach and Progress

Communication, dissemination and engagement - Work Package 7


All Hands Status Overview Outreach, exploitation & training

TREX Hackathon II at UVSQ


TREX-IO Hands-on session


QMCkl Rationale


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